Grattarola, a complete bedroom system, 100% solid wood

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rattarola, a complete bedroom system, 100% solid wood
SOLID WOOD is the noble heart of all woods; it is extracted from the heartwood, positioned between the internal pith and the younger, outermost sapwood. This is solid wood, raw material used by Grattarola for its furniture made with different precious types of wood, from Canaletto nut to oak, without neglecting cherry, ash and southern pine. The common element, besides an unquestionable quality, the honesty of the material, its natural grains, the unique aroma. Producing furniture in solid wood means authenticity, reliability and durability.


WOOD PROCESSES – SOLID WOOD Our products are created using solid wood in planed and sectioned boards using cutting-edge processing techniques and technologies from the traditions of Northern European nations. The systems of dovetails and joints, together with the exclusive use of water-repellent and water-resistant vinyl glues, allow for greater product stability with minimal chemical residues that are not harmful to health.



PANELS As well as the solid wood, we use multilayer panels (or block board) of spruce wood, PEFC certified, originating from eco-sustainable plantations. The way the panels are worked may involve a border in a precious essence of 4mm sol id wood and veneer sheet s up to 4 millimetres thick.

ECODESIGN Besides wisdom, work ethics. Grattarola has always been sensitive to the environmental problem of deforestation. Wood is a renewable resource, but it is certainly not infinite. This is why Grattarola selects its raw materials from forestation timber, originatine from controlled re-forestation areas which are compliant with regulations and protected by local and international organisations which safeguard tree resources; because producing quality furniture does not mean harming the environment. Our production processes are also organised and structured so as to have the least amount of environmental impact, in order to combine the aesthetics and functionality of our products with a respect for nature, in terms of low consumption of raw materials, reducing emissions and focusing on recyclability



BRUSHING Working surfaces using the brushing process enhances the wood grain and the characteristics of that particular type of wood; apparent imperfections in the wood which actually represent its true nature. The warm and intriguing effect makes it a raw and natural material to the touch.



CARPENTRY Our “carpentry” department, with its expert carpenters, guarantees our company the maximumflexibility in providing pieces upon request to customers which may be oversized or made to measure





FINISHING Finishing systems based upon vegetable oils ensure the ecological product is as natural as possible, emphasising the grain of the wood, the unique features of every single plant and the soul of the wood. The non-homogeneity of the surface design is therefore an intrinsic characteristic of a piece of wooden furniture and is not a production defect. The colouring is created using water colours and the painting is done using non-toxic acrylic paints.

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HOW TO USE Wood is a living material and as such it may, over time, display some small changes in colour and size. The initial months in the lifecycle of a piece of wooden furniture mark out its future: pay attention to objects placed upon surfaces with oil finishes, and move them frequently due to sensitivity to light




















Roberto Lazzeroni proposes, for his bed and night furniture solutions, an elegant and sober style, where they are designed following an idea of modern classicism, all made of solid ash wood. In the photo, bed EOS is set with all the night furnitures available, such as two-drawers night table, seven-drawers tallboy, little round table and bench, all in dove grey finish.


















Roberto Lazzeroni was born in Pisa and his professional career was influenced by his studies in the fields of Fine Arts and Architecture in Florence, as well as the interests that he developed throughout the years of his training, including his involvement in the phenomena of Conceptual Art and Radical Design. During the early 1980s, he had his professional debut with a series of important “Interior Architecture” projects. He has a design style that shuns the ostentations of industrial geometries and also avoids aesthetic frivolity, recollocating objects within a history, a tradition, an autobiographical or collective memory. Roberto Lazzeroni’s career has been varied and dynamic, and today he has not only established a number of high profile partnerships, but he also works in the areas of art direction, with interior design and contract projects across the globe.









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