Classic Luxury Italian doors. Gold and silver leaf with handmade decorations.

Luxury classic Italian kitchen Style XIX century.

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Classic Luxury Italian doors.

There is nothing accidental in furnishing the private and personal planets that make up our home. Furnishing shows up our personality, intimate passions and tastes, through a language of shapes, colours and combinations; the same is with the clothes we wear or the books we choose. The new doors finishes are the gold and silver leaf, embellished with handmade decorations, the 18th century style antiqued black and yellow finish and the white lacquered antiqued finish. They all give our home a new atmosphere, a new and unique story: yours.

Made in Italy

Finish: antique hand-finished, lacquered, decoration, polished with beeswax.

Color: Custom Colors may be requested

Kitchens Custom color

Material: 100% solid wood